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Marken, a picturesque former island in the Zuiderzee.

 Only 22 kilometers from Amsterdam you will find a very interesting peninsula … Marken.

Famous for the many wooden houses painted in traditional colours. Marken has its own traditional costumes. Many inhabitants still wear them. Because they love it, or for the tourists.

Watch Marken’s wooden shoe factory. Among the most famous traditional Dutch products are wooden shoes. Nowadays no one wears them, only during events in tourist places and by farmers.

 In the past Marken was an island in the Zuiderzee which was open to the North Sea. Before they closed off the Zuiderzee in 1932 with a dam there were many destructive floodings. That is why many houses were built on (artificial) mounds. After the closing of the Zuiderzee the water surrounding Marken was renamed Markermeer, (in English) Marken’s lake.

In 1957 a dike to the mainland was built. So Marken became a peninsula. Visitors can reach it by car now, but you have to leave your car in the parking area. If you want to see all of the island in a short time we advise you to rent a bike over there.

It is also possible to visit Marken by boat. Ferries sail from Volendam to Marken frequently. The ferry moors in the cozy harbour of Marken.

 The video shows you the distinctive lighthouse ‘Het Paard van Marken’, (in English) ‘The Horse of Marken’.

Marken is a very special place to visit.

Watch our video ‘Volendam, pearl of the Zuiderzee’.

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