Amsterdam – Part 1


Amsterdam, You will fall in love with it!

Part 1

Our interesting historic city is world famous for its beautiful canals with the 17th century facades, for its exciting museums with paintings from top artists like Rembrandt and van Gogh, but also because of the many coffee shops where you can buy a little amount of Cannabis or Marijuana. And not least because of the soccer club Ajax and the legendary Johan Cruijff.

Around the year 1250 the canals were dug for the defence of the city and for water management. In the Middle Ages, the network was extensively expanded for the transport of merchandise goods from the harbour to the warehousesProsperous merchants built the beautiful canal houses as homes and for storageThe lively city center is a swarm of canals and streets with ludic shops. Creative street artists entertain tourists.

The best way to enjoy the Amsterdam Canals is to make a canal cruise. You will sail through a UNESCO World Heritage area.

Along canal the ‘Prinsengracht’ you will find the Anna Frank House. Anne Frank, a young jewish girl, is famous for the diary she wrote during World War II. Anne and her family, along with four others, spent over two years during the war hiding in an annex of rooms above her fathers office in Amsterdam. The entrance was hidden by a bookcase.Unfortunately they were betrayed. Anne was killed by the Nazis in camp Bergen-Belsen in 1945. Her famous diary is sold all over the world. More than 35 million copiesYou can visit the house where she was hidden.

Amsterdam Centraal Station is an exciting building. It was designed by a famous architect called Pierre Cuypers. Central station is surrounded by water because it was build on an islandA big water, called Het IJ, separates the north of Amsterdam from the other parts of the city. Ferries connect the northern part with the city center.

On the North bank you can discover the world of film in Museum Eye. Admire the exciting architecture of this building. On the observation deck in the building next door, the A’DAM Tower, you will have an amazing view over the historic centreWatch the daredevils taking a ride with a spectacular swing on top of the building.

Meet the Royal Palace on Dam Square. The square is the middle of the city centre. The Royal Family does not live here, but it is used for State Visits and other royal events. Opposite the Royal Palace is a memorial monument to the victimof World War II. Behind the Dam Square you can enter the red light district called ‘The Wallen’. Around Dam Square there are popular shopping streets. The most famous one is undoubtedly the Kalverstraat.

We visit the beautiful Museumplein. For culture lovers the place to be. The concert hall and the three most important museums of Amsterdam together.

In the Rijks Museum you will enjoy Rembrandt’s masterpieces like for examplede Nachtwachtand de Staalmeesters’. But of course the collection contains many more works of international renowned artists, like Vermeer, Ruisdael, Avercamp, etc.
Another world famous painter is Vincent van Gogh. His work houses in the ‘Van Gogh MuseumVincent van Gogh had a very recognisable style of paintingThe futuristic building of the Stedelijk Museum houses contemporary and modern art of national and international artists.

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