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Holland, can you locate it on the map? Basic Topography

In this video we ask you to locate The Netherlands on the map of Europe. Are you able toThe Netherlands are better known as Holland. It is a very small country. Most foreigners don’t know where to find it. In this video we will show you where it is locatedHolland is surrounded by the countries Germany, Belgium, France and Great Britain.

Nearest capitals: London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, headquarters of The European Union. Holland is divided into 12 provinces and We show you flashes of the best known Dutch citiesAmsterdam, capital of The Netherlands, famous for its canals lined with 17th century houses.

Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, and well known for its modern architectureThe Hague, where the Dutch gouvernement has it’s residence, as well as the ’International Court of Justice, located in ‘Het Vredespaleiswhich means ‘the Peace Palace’.

About the Dutch waters:
The Netherlands borders the North Sea.  In the north there are 5 inhabitant wadden islandsThe Wadden Sea is UNESCO world heritageBefore 1927 there was a large sea in the middle of the country, the Zuiderzee. After the construction of a 30 kilometer dam, the ‘Afsluitdijk’, it became a freshwater lake. The name was changed to IJsselmeer.
Major rivers Rhine and Meuse flow through the Netherlands to the North Sea. All this water together and the fact that the most of The Netherlands is below sea level, is a serious threat to the Dutch populationSee how the Dutch defend themselves against the water in our interesting video ‘The battle against the water’.

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