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Texel, beautiful island in the Wadden Sea.

In the North of Holland there are 5 inhabitant wadden islands. They border the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea became UNESCO World Heritage.

About twice a day the tide transforms the landscape from land into sea, which developed a unique nature reserve. This video shows you the largest island: Texel. Take the ferry in Den Helder. They sail frequently.

The island is approximately 20 kilometers long and 8 kilometers wide and it offers a multitude of attractions. We visit the picturesque village of Den Hoorn, beach village De Koog and shopping place Den Burg.

Be surprised by the little wadden harbour of De Cocksdorp. At low tide it runs completely dry. Eat fish in the cosy harbour of Oudeschild with its many terraces and drink the local beer ‘Skuumkoppe’ wich means white caps.

‘Ecomare’, shows you a lot about the Texel nature and history.  And they care for stranded sea animals. Watch an other top attraction: Texel airport. You can spend a whole day there by watching small airplanes and parachutists while having a drink, a lunch or a diner on a comfortable terrace.

The video shows you how to make a free fall jump without training. A life experience! Like flying but dont want to jump out of the airplane? Book a scenic flight. Enjoy beautiful footage of the distinctive lighthouse located on the North tip of the island, surrounded by enormous white sand beaches. We only show you a few highlights of Texel.

Visit this beautiful island to discover more of it!

Watch our other video’s about Texel, the Airport, flying and jumping.

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