Efteling, the largest theme park in The Netherlands.

Efteling, the largest theme park in The Netherlands.

Discover the largest theme park in The Netherlands. A mysterious Fairytale Forest, exciting rollercoasters and spectacular parkshows. Board the Dreamflight Dark Ride. A journey through beautiful dream landscapes. Walk through the mysterious Fairytale Forest or drive on a monorail between the people of Laafland. For the daredevils there are 4 spectecular rolllercoasters, including one in complete darkness!

In winter the park has enchanting winter activities with singing and dancing near warm and atmospheric wood fires. Have a meet & greet with the Snow Princess and the Fire Prince. When it gets dark the park changes in a sea of romantic twinkling lights. Everyone will find what they are looking for in Efteling. In this park all is done with an eye for detail.

Efteling is a World of Wonders. The best ever family day out!

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*(This app has a Efteling map and it keeps you informed about waiting times at the attractions.)

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