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Flower Bulbs Event ‘Flowering Zijpe’

The Dutch are famous not only for their wooden shoes, windmills … and cheese, but also for their flower bulbs. Especially the tulips. Across the country bulbs are grown, but by far the most in the provinces Noord- and Zuid-Holland. A top event in Noord-Holland is ‘Bloeiend Zijpe’, which means ‘Flowering Zijpe’.
Zijpe is the name of an area in Noord-Holland. It is the worlds largest uninterrupted flower bulb area. In spring the landscape transforms into a wide range of colours against the backdrop of the North Sea dunes and old Dutch windmills. 

From early April till early May farmers open their land to the public. Walk in an overwhelming world of colors and scents. Don’t like walking? Or unable to walk? Take the ‘Boemel’, a slow train. Reservations required.

You will find accommodations close to this area in the pleasant little town of Schagen, about 60 km above Amsterdam. But the lovely seaside resort of Callantsoog is also recommended.

Can’t get enough of bulbs? Watch our video ‘World famous bulbs park KeukenhofThe focus in this park is on the 7 million spring-flowering bulbs, in which the 100 participating companies show their living catalogue.

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