Spectacular free fall at Texel – Holland Holiday

Sander booked a Tandemjump at

Paracentrum Texel

Watch Sander’s spectacular free fall. Wanna make a 30 second free fall without training? It is possible at Paracentrum Texel. Come to the Airport and book your jump. Or perhaps better; book on their website. Check it on HollandHoliday.net.

Sander booked for tomorrow.

The video shows how he feels. Will he overcome his fear of heights?

A tandem jump means that Sander will be coupled with an experienced instructor. He or she does all the proceedings.  So the only thing Sander has to do is enjoying it. The weather is perfect and there is not too much wind. After his check-in he gets closed in a special suit, followed by a 10-minute instruction.
Time for boarding!
Sander wants his heroic deed on video, so a camaraman jumps with him to capture the spectacular images. A turboprop Cessna will bring Sander up to 3000 meters high. Than a big door will open…..

Watch the spectacular free fall during 30 seconds and the amazing view over the island when the parachute is opened.

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