Holland, Netherlands, Dutch, Deutsch. What’s the difference?


Holland? The Netherlands? Dutch? Deutsch?

What is the difference?

All over the world our country is well-known as Holland. In fact this is not correct.

We show you the map of The Netherlands. Two provinces in the west are called Holland, divided in North and South Holland. But our country has more provinces. A total of twelve. Al together they are called ‘The Netherlands’. So the official name is The NetherlandsIt means The Low Countries. The name refers to the fact that half our country is below sea level.

Even more confusing is the fact that the people in The Netherlands are called ‘The Dutch’. When a foreigner asks for our nationality we have to answer ‘Dutch’. Generally the reaction is: ah ‘Deutsch’. No Dutch, from Holland we make clear.

When you are Deutsch you are a GermanWhen you are Dutch you are from The Netherlands (or Holland if you like).

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