Hoorn – Authentic harbor by the Markermeer

Hoorn, a
uthentic harbor by the Markermeer

A beautiful old city, about 40 kilometers from Amsterdam, is HoornIn the past it was a succesful trading port situated on the Zuiderzee. After closing this sea with a 30 kilometer barrier dam the Zuiderzee became a lake, called IJsselmeerAfter the construction of a dam between Enkhuizen and Lelystad the lake south of the dam was called MarkermeerToday Hoorn is a bustling marina for water sports. At the end of the afternoon the traditional ships enter the harbour, often with groups that make a trip on the Dutch waters, such as the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and the Wadden Sea. These old Dutch flat-bottomed ships are called ‘De Bruine Vloot‘, which means ‘The Brown Fleet’. The name refers to the brown sails many of these boats are equipped with.

Did you know that Cape Horn was named after the city of Hoorn? In the year 1616 explorer Willem Corneliszoon Schouten named the cape after his city of birth. The old town has lively shopping streets with pleasant terraces.

Like many other towns in the Netherlands Hoorn has a history with cheese. In summer there is a cheese market every week. We take a look in a cheese shop that has hardly changed for generations.

You can also visit several interesting museums. The collection of the Westfries Museum shows you the cultural history of the 17th century, the Golden Century. Museum 20th Century houses an impressive collection of objects from the 20th century that will appeal to both young and old alike!

Make a trip through time with a historic Steam Tram from Hoorn to another little harbour, Medemblik. Or a trip in combination with a boat trip to ancient port Enkhuizen.

 You will enjoy your stay in Hoorn!

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