Seaside Resort Callantsoog

Seaside Resort Callantsoog

Pretty coastal village. Pretty village Callantsoog is located in the middle of green dunes and borders the white sand beaches of the North SeaThe village is surroudend by nature reserves like the ‘Nollen van Abbestede’ and the ‘Zwanenwater’. The cosy centre is a square. It is a chain of restaurants, bars, ice cream shops and snackbars. Callantsoog is set to tourism, so you have a wide choice of accommodations.

Cross the dunes and you’re on the beautiful white sand beach. Even there you will lack nothing. Getting hungry or thirsty? Take place in one of the beach bars or restaurants. Inside or on a sheltered terrace, depending on the weather. There is a separate area for nudists.

If the weather does not cooperate, you can visite the nice provincial town Schagen. Enjoy shopping in cosy streets or in the indoor mall. Schagen organizes many events. Music, Culinairy and Culturally.

In spring time Callantsoog is surrounded bij enormous colorful bulb fields. Here you will find the largest uninterrupted bulb area of the world. A special event called ‘Bloeiend Zijpe’, which means ‘Flowering Zijpe’ is right next door.

We have a special video of this event.

In short: Callantsoog has everything for a pleasant stay.

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