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Airport and Paracentrum Texel

Do it in the air!

This video takes you to the wonderful airport of Texel.

It is an airport for small planes and it has a Paracentre. Texel is an island, so you’ll have to take the ferry in Den Helder which sails frequently. Within 20 minutes you are the island of Texel with its amazing landscape. Texel offers you many interesting attractions. One of them is without doubt the charming airport.

You can spend a whole day watching planes and parachutists. Take place on the comfortable terrace where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a lunch or a diner while watching the take off and landing of small airplanes. Parachutists are comming down on less than 100 meters distance.
Texel Paracentre is a very populair location for parachutists. Wellknown for its courses at all levels. For a once in a lifetime experience or for intensive training programs. Watch Kim’s lifetime experience. She booked a tandemjump. No training needed!

She makes a jump coupled with an experienced parachutist. He or she does all the proceedings so you only have to enjoy! After a short instruction Kim is ready for boarding. Her 63 year old father jumps to! Kim wanted a video of her feat, so a camera man or woman jumps with her to shoot it. The airplane brings her up to a hight of 3000 meters.
And then a big door will open….
Watch her making a 30 seconds free fall! Enjoy the amazing view while floating over the island. An intense and unforgettable experience!

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Like flying but dont want to jump out of the airplane? Book a scenic flight.

Choose the length of your flight and the area where you want to fly. Fly with us above Texel and another wadden island, Vlieland. After watching this video you will conclude that Texel Airport and Paracentre is a spectacular place to be. Moreover, it is located on a beautiful island.

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