The herring stall

The herring stall

A very populair fish in The Netherlands is herring. Especially salt(y) herring. Obviously for sale in a fish shop, but also in the typicalDutch herring stall in the street.

The conservation of this fish was invented by a Dutch fisherman in 1380.

First a part of the guts and the gills of the herring are removed, except for the pancreas. The pancreas ripens the herring byfermentation. The video shows you the pancreas. It is decisive forthe taste and fat content. Formerly the herring was covered withsalt and stored in barrels for conservation. Today the herring is conservated in the freezer.

In the fish shop or the herring stall they remove the pancreas,head and bone and the rest of the guts.

Traditionally you eat herring in one piece, holding it by the tail andthen biting it off. But you can also get it in pieces or on a sandwich.

Herring is usually served with onions and pieces of sour pickle. But of course as you like it.

Bon appetit!

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