Typical Dutch: The snackbar


Typical Dutch: The snackbar

Of course you can find all the well known fast food chains in The Netherlands. McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway, etc. But we have a type of fast food restaurants most foreigners heave never heard of: the ‘Snackbar’!

The basic food which you all know is french fries. You can eat them with a variety of sauces like mayonaise, ketchup, curry, or peanut sauce. French fries are called ‘patat’ in Dutch. For example, a ‘patat oorlog’, (in English) ‘french fries war’, is served with mayonaise and peanut sauce. A ‘patat speciaal’ (special) you eat with mayonaise, curry or ketchup and onion.

Apart from french fries, or chips if you like, you can choose from many snacks unknown to most foreigners. Populair are the ‘kroket’, the ‘frikandel’ and ‘sate’. A original kroket is a crispy crust with inside a ragout with minced meat. Today there are several variants available. For example with shrimps, vegetables, sate, etc.

A frikandel is a skinless deep-fried sausage. When you order a ‘frikandel speciaal’ they cut it open and cover it with mayonaise, curry or ketchup, and onion. Sate includes three skewers with chunks of meat, topped with peanut sauce. Originally it is an Asian dish.

 Some snackbars have an ‘automatiek’. It’s a wall with lots of small drawers with snacks. They have glass windows so you can choose your snack. After you have inserted coins you can open them. ‘Food from the wall‘ they call it.

Bon apetit!

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